At X-Camps, we include movement, mindfulness, breaks, games, surprises, and free play time throughout the day.

8:00am: AM Extended Care Begins
8:45am: Check-In
9:00am: Community Circle for all Campers
9:15am: X-Burst: Community Mind+Body Energizer
9:45am: Experience #1: Hand’s on experiential learning
10:30am: Break: Optional activity
11:00am: Experience #2: Hand’s on experiential learning
12:30pm: Lunch: Optional activity
1:15pm: X-Burst: Community Mind+Body Energizer
1:30pm: Experience #3: Hand’s on experiential learning
2:15pm: Break: Optional activity
3:00pm: Check-out
3:00pm: PM Extended Care Begins
6:00pm: PM Extended Care Ends


The X Movement + Nike Kids Camp is an eXtra special camp focused on holistic mind and body wellness habits and helping campers find their inner star!


All camps focus on wellness and integrate 🕺🏾MOVEMENT,

Movement such as dance, fitness, sport and yoga. Mindset such as coping skills, positive self-talk and visualization skills. Mystery such as creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.


New themes introduced weekly to ensure every week is unique and full of surprises...

Especially for those attending X Camps all summer long! 💪 🚀


Designed to help kids build healthy habits, learn life skills, and cultivate friendships...

All while smiling, sweating, and having THE BEST SUMMER EVER! 🥳


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Positive Mind Skills through Dance!

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Aussie Rules Footy, Cricket and Netball!

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Martial-arts, Self-Control + Social Skills

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Movement, Make Friends & Celebrate!

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Mindfulness, Fitness, + Social Skills. 

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STEM, Creativity, Imagination + Play.


The ULTIMATE dance camp for beginners and experienced dancers. Campers build confidence by learning popular dances (inc. some TikTok choreography) and exploring diversity through global dance styles such as Hip-hop, Soca, Bollywood, Salsa, and more. With games, group dance battles, choreography challenges, mindful movement such as Yoga and Tai Chi, and end-of-week performances, campers are encouraged to celebrate the Xtraordinary version of themselves, each other, and the world around them.


One of Canada’s most unique camp experiences: an Australian cultural and sports program that teaches Cricket, Aussie Football, and Netball. This camp is a new level of FUN with sport-themed games and tournaments fused with sports psychology mindset lessons such as goal-setting, positive self-talk, and the power of visualization. This is an excellent camp for sport-lovers BUT is also perfect for non-sporty campers to excel because of the level-playing field of learning new sports. Campers will walk away with increased confidence to try new things and a new level of self-belief to achieve their goals.


A real-life superhero has mastered their Xtraordinary (X) Power, their inner power to face challenges in an empowered way. This martial-arts-inspired experience fuses movements from Tai Chi, Capoeira, and Karate with learning relationship building, leadership, and conflict resolution life skills. Through self-discovery challenges, martial arts movement routines, self-defense skills, and mindfulness activities, campers discover their Xtraordinary Power to stand for themselves, others, and the world around them.

X Travaganza

Smiles, laughter, and movement all at the same time. This experience is for campers that want a high-energy, movement-based camp experience. Campers will explore movement activities such as fitness, dance, yoga, sport, martial arts, and other high-energy team-building games. Campers will learn about the power of positivity and celebration through affirmations and mindset challenges. Suitable for all ages and abilities, the XTravaganza camp promotes spreading positivity, practicing gratitude, and celebrating yourself, others, and the world around us.


(X Me, X Others, X World) A life-changing wellness experience for campers to build healthy life habits and flourishing friendships. Campers will feel energized through daily movement activities such as fitness, dance, yoga, martial arts, and sports while learning practical tools and coping skills from the world of self-development, psychology, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Campers are encouraged to connect authentically with themselves and their fellow campers to learn how to build strong self-leadership and social skills. This experience will see campers walk away knowing how to deal with life’s ups and downs (such as anxiety, worry, and stress) and will empower campers to step into their Xtraordinary selves.


Learn foundational skills of engineering (STEM) through creativity, imagination, and play. In this highly-engaging, unique experience, campers become inventors, designers, and Imagineers as they work together to brainstorm and prototype solutions to real-life problems.  Campers are challenged to reimagine PLAY; teams are guided through an interactive experience to tap into their imagination to create new games; these games are then play-tested by the entire camp. Campers experience smiles, laughter, and lots of learning, as they step outside of their comfort zone to discover how Xtraordinary they really are!

*X Movement in partnership with award-winning design academy Play4Tomorrow.

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