X-Star: X Movement + Nike Kids Camp Experience

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When two powerful organizations join forces to create an extraordinary camp experience for kids: a true star is born...

The X Movement+Nike Kids Camp is an eXtra special camp focused on holistic mind and body wellness habits and helping campers find their inner star! We believe every child is a star and it’s our mission to help them discover what truly makes them shine.

(Program designed in partnership with Nike Sports Camp Canada)

Embrace a new adventure this summer with X-Star: X Movement + Nike Kids Camp experience.

Designed for campers aged 6-14, of all levels of skill and ability,

Campers elevate their mind and body through experiencing holistic movement, practicing positive mindset skills, and exploring creativity and passions through mystery-themed challenges.

Movement activities include dance, yoga, HIIT, and martial arts-inspired (no-contact) routines. Campers train the mind through lessons such as self-reflection, visualization, goal-setting, and positive self-talk. Mystery challenges help campers to discover their passions and explore creativity through games and challenges such as creating a giant confidence-themed board game, talent shows that celebrate diversity, wacky art shows, and more.

The main focus of this camp is to build positive, healthy, and energizing life habits by:

  • building self-awareness, confidence, and mindset life skills
  • by experiencing a variety of holistic movements such as dance, yoga, martial arts, and HiiT.
  • exploring innovation and imagination through mystery quests and challenges

Who is this camp for kids that:

  • are of all fitness levels, aged between 6-14
  • enjoy experiencing new movement-based activities such as dance, yoga, martial arts, and games)
  • could benefit from learning positive life skills such as confidence, empathy, goal setting, positive self-talk, self-awareness, and more


Each week a theme is introduced to ensure a NEW camp experience for the whole summer.

Examples of X-Star themes include:

  1. X-Star: Strengths + passions
  2. Confidence
  3. Pushing beyond fear
  4. What makes you shine?
  5. Sharing your sparkle with others
  6. Caring for others
  7. Global impact: how to change the world?
  8. Celebration

Regular Program (8:30am - 3:30pm daily): $349 per week

Extended Care (8:00 am - 5:30 pm daily): add $75

Either AM or PM Extended Care (8:00 am - 5:30 pm daily): add $50

Sessions (Only One Week!):

July 25th-29th - Burlington Playground Global

Please see other Locations for more X-Star Programs:

July 11th-15th - Monarch Park

July 18th-22nd - Central Tech

August 8th-12th - Scarborough Playground Global

August 15th-19th - Durham Playground Global

X-Me: Journal: Campers are encouraged to reflect on who they are and their BIG DREAMS of what they would like to become. Each day, we integrate reflection time to deepen learning and to ensure campers have their memories recorded. The X-Me: Journal includes activities such as drawing reflections, writing challenges, identifying their support circles, and more.

HiiT Mind + Body Challenge: Daily HiiT Mind and Body challenges will see campers train their whole self. We’ll learn about the power of positive self-talk to help through tough times… such as 30 push-ups, a 3-minute sprint, or a challenging test. Powerful affirmations are taught such as “Yes, I can!” - “I am stronger than I think”.

Inspiration Board: Who do you want to be? What do you want to achieve in life? Dream it, achieve it! We’ll create an Inspiration Board with images of the type of STAR you want to become. This includes a short visualization exercise where campers imagine “a day in the life of extraordinary ME” and then they identify who they need to be NOW to become that.

Dance + Drama Battle: Campers are split into groups and are encouraged to create dances and drama skits that inspire and energize others. They will be challenged with a word such as POSITIVITY and then will work towards the end performance

Sample Typical Daily X-Schedule

At X-Camps, we include movement, mindfulness, breaks, games, surprises, and free play time throughout the day.

8:00am: AM Extended Care Begins

8:45am: Check-In

9:00am: Community circle

9:15am: X-Burst: Mind+Body Fitness Challenge

9:45am: SoCa Dance Lesson

10:30am: Break: Optional activity: Yoga

11:00am: Martial Arts Inspired Fitness Challenge - Karate, Tai Chi

12:30pm: Lunch: Optional activity: Creative Drawing

1:15pm: X-Burst: Mind+Body Fitness Challenge

1:30pm: Mind+Body Fitness Challenge

2:15pm: Break: Optional activity: Positive Visualization

3:00pm: Check-out

3:00pm: PM Extended Care Begins

5:00pm: PM Extended Care Ends

X-Stars Camp - Burlington is hosted at a partner site - Playground Global.

Playground Burlington is a 30,000 sq. ft. facility that holds 3 FIBA courts and a practice court with 5 rims. Burlington is a basketball-first facility, but the courts will have volleyball lines as well. This facility is equipped with a full cafeteria, onsite gym and wellness center, and a media and conference space.


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X-Star: X Movement + Nike Kids Camp Experience
$ 349.00 
per camper