X-PLORER CAMP at the Laird House in Brampton

A once-in-a-lifetime day camp that feels like an overnight Brampton 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲

You have to experience it, to believe it!

(Limited spots available, multi-week bookings highly recommended due to # of activities)

X-Plorer Camp encourages campers to explore the extraordinary parts of themselves, others, and the world around us. Specialized ACTIVITY ZONES are set up on the exquisite 13-acre property complete with a MYSTERY ZONE for special guests each week. (Hint hint. Book multiple weeks for a summer of surprises)

In small age-appropriate groups led by an X-Guide, campers get to explore mindfulness and zen-like activities in the CHILL ZONE, or play games and sports in the PLAY ZONE (aka Basketball and Volleyball courts). The CREATIVE ZONE will surprise with activities such as DJ’ing, arts, science experiments (did someone say slime?), robotics, and perhaps even space exploration (here we come Elon!!).  Campers will get their energy out in the MOVE ZONE with classes such as dance, martial arts-inspired movement, and fitness. Finally, the CONNECT ZONE is for the camp community; whether in pairs, small groups, or with ALL campers and X-Guides, we practice social skills and build friendships for life.

At the beginning of the week, campers are put into small teams and are given a MYSTERY to solve. Each day they earn points and are able to earn clues to help solve the mystery. Points are earned through EXPLORING a variety of activities and by showing kindness and leadership to others.

Some activities are mandatory such as daily mindfulness and movement and others are free choices such as activities in the CREATIVE, PLAY, OR NATURE ZONES.

Please note. most campers choose multiple weeks as there are too many activities for only one week of camp.

Schedules aim to include each of the following activities DAILY for all campers:

  • Self-reflection + connection session in the CONNECT ZONE (Journaling, listening, etc.)
  • Mindfulness class in the CHILL ZONE  (Visualization, positive thinking, etc.)
  • Movement class in the GROVE ZONE (Dance, fitness, martial arts, etc.)

See other examples in the ACTIVITY AREA

All activities integrate X-Movement’s Connected X Approach of:

  1. Experiencing an activity
  2. Reflecting on the experience
  3. Connecting with others to share lessons

Regular Program (9:00am - 3:30pm daily): $299 per week

Extended Care (8:00 am - 5:30 pm daily): add $75 per week

Either AM or PM Extended Care (8:00 am - 5:30 pm daily): add $50 per week


Week 2: July 11th-15th

Week 3: July 18th-22nd

Week 4: July 25th-29th

Week 5: August 2nd-5th

Week 6: August 8th-12th

Week 7: August 15th-19th

Week 8: August 22nd-26th


Cozy bean bags, sensory self-regulation items, headphones to listen to mindfulness tracks, mindful drawing sheets, and more. Campers can come here to rest, relax, and learn about the power of mindful living.

Example classes:

  • The Power of Positive Visualization: Campers will listen to guided visualizations and will observe their emotional, mental and physical state. They’ll then be encouraged to write and record their own guided visualizations to share with the rest of the campers.
  • Breathing to Calm: Campers learn different breathing techniques that help to calm the nerves in times of worry or stress. Campers will choose their favorite breathing techniques to add to their toolbox, to practice during the daily mindful sessions.
  • Mindful Movement: Inspired by Yoga and Tai Chi, this class is a unique fusion of mindful movement and a positive mindset. Campers learn to become aware of their self-talk and practice guiding their body calmly. A short routine is taught so campers can easily practice at home after camp finishes in times of stress.


A beach volleyball and outdoor basketball court set the stage for sport-themed challenges. A big open field allows for group games and play.

Example classes:

  • New Sports Tournament: Have you kicked an Aussie football? Or tried cricket? Heard about a game called Netball? This tournament is designed to level the playing field so all campers enjoy playing. A round-robin experience, with outdoor unique games to play.
  • Pokemon Basketball: You’ve not heard of this game before? That’s because one of our campers created it….and campers LOVE IT. Pokemon teams are created with special powers, basketball rules, and lots of fun. Campers LOVE the creativity and integration of characters in the game.
  • Summer Fun in the Sun: Wear your best bright summer colors, perhaps your Hawaiian shirt as campers experience summer sun-fun-themed games. Yes, the Beach Volleyball Court is a highlight of this activity, BUT how about some classics too: apple bobbing, water balloon relays, and more.


We believe physical activity should be FUN regardless of your level of skill or ability. In this zone, campers are challenged to smile, sweat, and move all at the same time. Suitable for all fitness levels, classes come from 65 million minutes of delivering movement programs in schools.

Example classes:

  • Dances from around the world: Salsa, hip hop, tutting, So-Cal, campers get to experience dance routines from all over the world. Dances that anyone can do is what we specialize in. It’s a high-energy, engaging, dance fitness experience.
  • Martial-arts-inspired self-defense: A non-contact martial arts-inspired experience. Explore what real power means.. inner power and learn basic self-defense movements from Karate and warm-down with some Tai Chi.
  • HIIT + Motivational Mind: You’re stronger than you think. Our HiiT sessions teach campers foundational fitness techniques such as how to do a correct squat or push-up. We aim to give campers a toolbox of moves they can do anytime, anywhere, especially in times of stress and worry.


All communities need time to come together to connect and our camp is no different. We hold Town Hall at the beginning and end of each day in our CONNECT ZONE. Our CONNECT ZONE is special as it’s the space for reflection and real connection.

Example classes:

  • X-Me-Journal: All Campers are encouraged to keep a journal during their camp time with X. The X-Me Journal classes ask powerful reflection questions to help campers explore their passions and big dreams in life. Campers are given the option of sharing this with others to build connections.
  • If you really knew me: A powerful activity for older campers. Small groups of campers get together to share more about who they are, sometimes sharing with their camp-mates things that no one else knows. Starting with the statement… “If you really knew me, you’d know…” they can choose to share as little or as much as they feel comfortable. It’s their space.
  • X-Me Avatar: If you could be anyone or anything in a fantasy X-World, what would the Extraordinary version of you look, sound, and act like? This is a FUN activity to have campers draw their Xtraordinary Self. It helps to refine their goals and values of the type of person they like to be.
  • Life Map: You were born and then what? Campers get to draw a life map from the time they were born until now. What are the memorable experiences that they’d like to share? We aim to keep this upbeat encouraging campers to share their most positive experiences.


Walls covered with blank paper to decorate, piles of cardboard boxes to create, craft materials to build, and other items to support creativity. A DJ set up in the corner to ensure upbeat vibes as campers work together to ideate, solve and create solutions to daily camp problems. This is the zone of imagination where anything is possible… yes, pigs can fly.

**This zone utilizes X-Play/Play-for-Tomorrow, the imagination and creativity curriculum inspired by a globally renowned engineering program from Stanford University.

Example classes:

  • Re-design a School Playground: Campers are challenged to come up with a better playground than what we have today. Ideas are only limited by the imagination so campers are guided to think outside the box, to push their own limitations, and to create magic together.
  • We’re going to Mars! Create a new spaceship: Move over Elon, the next visionaries are here. Campers are inspired by the story of Elon Musk and encouraged to create their own unique spaceship to help us get to Mars.
  • Slime Day! Need we say more?: What do we do with giant buckets of slime? Campers create their own unique, multicolored slime and share it with other campers. Together they create fun and new ways to PLAY with slime.
  • A 13-acre property to explore with a small stream and a soon-to-be vegetable garden. What better way to practice mindful living than to connect with mother nature.
  • Example classes:
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Campers are given a group challenge to find different colors, textures, and maybe even some little insects on the property. Mindful exploration is required to find what you’re looking for.
  • Water Appreciation: A walk to the little stream on the property to learn about the power of water. Campers will get to practice appreciation of water by learning about how water impacts plants, animals, and humans.
  • Contribution Garden: Campers help build a special Campers 2022 garden by planting trees and seeds surrounded by colorful stakes with motivational quotes and sayings to inspire future campers. Campers will attempt to plant a garden with some yummy salads fo later use.


  • The big question is… what’s in the mystery zone today or this week? The Mystery Zone will not always have a special guest but will aim to bring awe, surprise, and excitement to campers at least once throughout the week.

Example classes:

  • Xizby: An awesome new frisbee experience with one of the top frisbee champions in Canada. Learn how to play with a special toy called the Xizby.
  • Top Chef: Imagine a top Toronto chef playing and exploring with the campers! Learning about cooking delicious and healthy food is a big part of living a healthy life; we aim to inspire campers to care about this.
  • Sports + Music: A unique music performance, perhaps a famous sports celeb, maybe a circus act, or a mascot. How about a surprise session led by an older camper… The mystery zone is just that… a mystery!

Sample Typical Daily X-Schedule

At X-Camps, we include movement, mindfulness, breaks, games, surprises, and free play time throughout the day.

8:00am: AM Extended Care Begins

8:45-9:00am: Check-In

9:00am: CONNECT ZONE: Community Circle for all Campers (How are you feeling? Announcements)

9:15am: X-Burst: All campers to do a fitness and mindset challenge together

9:45am: Experience #1: CHILL ZONE

10:30am: Break: Optional activity

11:00am: Experience #2: GROOVE ZONE

12:30pm: Lunch: Optional activity

1:15pm: X-Burst: All campers to do a fitness and mindset challenge together

1:30pm: Experience #3: CREATIVE ZONE

2:15pm: Break: Optional activity

3:15-3:30pm: Check-out

3:30pm: PM Extended Care Begins

5:30pm: PM Extended Care Ends

**Our aim is that campers get to experience as many things as possible during camp so the schedule will change daily. The X-Guides will learn about each small groups specific needs and wants to tweak the schedule to suit campers.

What’s extraordinary about this property?

  • 13-acre property
  • The Barn turned into an activity center
  • Outdoor basketball + volleyball court
  • Ravine and surrounded by nature
  • Eco-lessons including plants, farming, and more


The Laird’s were one fo the first families in the Peel Region. The Laird’s were well known as Empire Loyalists, owning the beautiful 2838 Bovaird West property in Brampton for over 100 years. The ornate detailing and decoration of the property displays high degree of craftsmanship possessed by the Laird family who build the structure in 1886 and were well known for building high-quality structures in the area. Peter Laird came to Upper Canada in 1833. He was the son of a ship builder that immigrated from Scotland. In 1885, the property had a fire causing the Laird home and barn to be destroyed and subsequently was rebuild by the Lairds. The only structure that still remains from the barn fire is the 2.75 Meter wall built from beautiful solid granite stone as it stands today.

Peter Laird’s close relative is Lucy Maud Montgomery- the author of Anne of Green Gables who also has stayed at the Laird House! It is also historically linked to the historic Hamlet of Norval. Which is considered a cultural heritage landscape. Now a days, the property is now Green Belt protected. Pictured below is Peter Laird and his family is 1855, courtesy of PAMA.

The Laird House is also home to the Otter Tribe as well as the Eagle Tribe. Both of which are a part of the Mississauga First Nations; settled in this area with The Loyalists.

The Laird House is especially important to us as there is a stunning ravine that runs through the property. This ravine is home to two endangered fish species and plants. We will lead nature walks and learn more about the importance of taking care and respecting the environment. This environmental program is implemented in schools and part of the Ontario Eco Studies initiative. The Credit Valley Conservation Authority also represent the Laird House initiative.


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The ultimate X-plorer Program at The Laird House
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